┬áSometimes I don’t like my brain at all I mean that in the nicest way, I think? I have the most amazing thoughts and right when I’m about to write it down it fades, then I sit at my laptop for thirty minutes trying to figure out what I was gonna say. There has only been a couple of times where I have had thinking moments I’ve never forgotten when I think about the word love yeah I know everyone has their opinion of what they think it is. Just I haven’t found one that I particularly like not that I’m saying there are any bad ones. There is really a lot that I do like just not any that PORTRAY to me.

What does love mean to me? I feel if I give an example then it would make more sense then if I were to define the meaning. There was this one time I and my boyfriend were in argument as we were arguing I felt the need to cry, I’m not sure why but I did hold it in of course and he ended up leaving for work. I was laying in the bed when I began to burst into tears the moment he left my presence thinking that I hated him probably that I didn’t love him or whatever he was thinking. The following morning he came home and told me how his car had slid an spun out in the middle of traffic…at that moment nothing else mattered and I cried because what if a car hit him what if he died that night? He would’ve died with me angry at him and him an him mad at himself I wasn’t gonna be able to live with that.

What I’m trying to say is that love to means being able to put your pride an attitude away when it comes to the one you love, being able to put the bullshit aside even if your right or wrong. Crying because you miss him because he’s the only one that can look at you an make you feel safe, happy, secured all at the same time. Making you feel joyful even when your dreaming making your heartthrob when your away from each other making your soul sing just by him touching you. Love to me means loving yourself in another form.